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31/12/2016 真正的Rosarian-關治邦校長 The Real Rosarian: Mr Robert Kwan   View detail
31/12/2016 玫瑰崗上的鐵漢-郭健基老師 The "Ironman" on Rosaryhill: Mr Jonathan Kwok   View detail
17/07/2014 校友專訪:陳慧琳 Interview with Kelly Chen   View detail
10/09/2013 迎接挑戰 雲霄啟航 ﹣ 㨗星香港首席行政總裁劉仲威專訪 Interview with Edward Lau, the CEO of Jetstar Hong Kong   View detail
14/03/2013 濟世為懷 仁德之光 ﹣ 岑康遠中醫師專訪 Interview with CMP Douglas Shum   View detail
14/03/2013 堅持信念 愛的教育﹣ 黃慧貞校長專訪 Interview with Primary and Kindergarten Principal Ms Anne Wong   View detail
10/09/2012 阿Sa蔡卓研專訪 Interview with Charlene Choi   View detail
10/09/2012 石永信神父神父專訪 Interview with Fr Secundino   View detail
17/02/2012 玫瑰崗小學部 梁校長專訪 Interview with Ms Leung, Principal of Primary Section   View detail
19/10/2011 玫瑰崗的傳奇人物﹣玫瑰崗舊生會永遠榮譽主席謝天仁神父專訪 Interview with our beloved Fr. Lionel Xavier   View detail
19/09/2011 葡萄酒達人郭偉信先生專訪 Interview with Mr. Wilson Kwok, an alumnus and a wine and food expert   View detail
07/06/2011 前玫瑰崗舊生會主席 ﹣伍宇鍔專訪 Interview with Edward Ng, Former President of RHSOSA   View detail
07/06/2011 玫瑰崗上的「耶穌」﹣陳健雄專訪 Exclusive Interview with RHS' "Jesus" - Mr John Chan   View detail
13/04/2011 Voice from Rosarians: Series No. 1-3   View detail
14/12/2010 校友及成功商人 - 施熙德女士專訪 Interview with Ms. Edith Shih, an alumna and a successful business woman   View detail
07/12/2010 慈愛笑容永難忘﹣文度士神父 A kind and smily Rosarian priest: Fr Francisco Mendoza   View detail
17/07/2010 舊生閃耀東亞運﹣ 李銘皆專訪 Interview with Eric Lee, Silver Medalist in the East Asian Games 2009   View detail
18/03/2010 杏林傑青 - 容樹恆醫生專訪 Interview wtih Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award Winner - Dr Patrick Yung   View detail
17/03/2010 英語教學先鋒﹣孫美英老師專訪 Interview with the English Teaching Legend: Miss Betty Suen   View detail
17/10/2009 春風化雨三十三載 - 陳漢欽老師專訪 Exclusive Interview with our beloved Mr Damen Chan   View detail
12/10/2009 主流舞台劇外的另類選擇 - 香港舞台劇獎最佳導演獎得主 - 陳恆輝 The Best Director Award Winner- Andrew Chan   View detail
18/07/2009 鄭金鳳老師:學校歷來年資最長的老師 / Ms. Margaret Chang, Longest Serving Teacher in RHS   View detail
09/03/2009 明報專訪 - 陳智思   View detail
04/03/2009 陳智思: 隨遇而安,積極面對 / Bernard Chan: Live One Day at a Time, Face Adversity Against All Odds   View detail
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