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02/02/2015 玫瑰崗舊生會憲章修訂 Amendment of the constitution of RHSOSA   View detail
16/11/2018 Fund Raising Walkathon 2018 on 25th November 2018. (Sunday) 鑽禧步行籌款2018   View detail
17/10/2018 2018年度母校越野賽跑比賽   View detail
16/09/2018 舞台劇[她媽的葬禮」舊生會員推廣優惠   View detail
16/09/2018 Recruitment of Mentors for the Mentorship Program   招募「啟導同行」師友計劃舊生導師   View detail
08/09/2018 招募義工探訪獨居長者及募捐款項或物資製作福袋   View detail
24/02/2018 招募義工~長者中心新春盆菜宴服務   View detail
02/02/2018 舊生會新產品:校巴行李牌(luggage Tag)   View detail
30/12/2017 玫瑰崗舊生會2017年度第二期會訊 2nd Issue of RHSOSA Newsletter in 2017   View detail
05/12/2017 Result of the Election for Alumni Manager   View detail
22/05/2017 RHSOSA Newsletter Volume I 2017   View detail
20/04/2017 招募義工「麥當勞叔叔之家」之「愛心午餐」 (Sunday, May 18, 2017)   View detail
06/02/2017 玫瑰崗舊生會會員2017-2018年度會員大會暨「未完的課」活動 RHSOSA AGM 2017   View detail
16/10/2016 Memorial Mass for Fr Lionel Xavier on 23 Oct 2016   View detail
15/07/2016 前副校長蔡德培老師離世消息及喪禮事宜 Death and Funeral Announcement of Mr Stephen Tsai   View detail
23/03/2016 招募義工探訪獨居長者   View detail
27/01/2016 Goodbye, Mrs Tan!   View detail
25/01/2016 誠邀閣下出席2016/2017年度舊生會週年大會暨盆菜午餐聚會 Invitation to 2016-2017 Annual General Meeting   View detail
08/01/2016 2015年玫瑰崗舊生會第三期會訊 RHSOSA Newsletter: Volume3 2015   View detail
21/12/2015 歡迎回母校出席子夜彌撒   View detail
25/09/2015 RHSOSA Newsletter - Volume II 2015   View detail
21/09/2015 Congratulations to Fr Vincent Sanchez, the new Supervisor   View detail
08/09/2015 招募義工探訪東華三院長者日間護理中心 Recruitment of volunteers to visit a day care centre for the elderly   View detail
25/07/2015 「麥當勞叔叔之家」2015年獎券義賣活動招募義工   View detail
11/07/2015 關治邦校長、郭健基老師榮休晚宴   View detail
13/05/2015 關校長和郭老師相片募集   View detail
28/04/2015 特別消息:關治邦校長和郭健基老師榮休晚宴 Special Announcement re: Retirement Dinner of Mr Robert Kwan & Mr Jonathan Kwok   View detail
24/02/2015 玫瑰崗舊生會週年2015-2016年度會員大會暨葡萄酒欣賞會 Annual General Meeting of RHSOSA (2015/2016) cum Wine Tasting Party   View detail
21/11/2014 特別消息: Fr Thomas Lopez Francisco 與世長辭 Announcement: Fr Thomas Lopez Francisco O.P.   View detail
09/11/2014 母校為校內聖堂翻新工程籌集經費 Appeal for funds for the renovation of the School Chapel   View detail
26/09/2014 申請入讀玫瑰崗學校小學及幼稚園(2015/2016年度)   View detail
30/07/2014 玫瑰崗學校「啟導同行」計劃 - 2014 / 15 導師招募   View detail
08/07/2014 為母校學生及舊生到中國鞍山作義工服務籌募經費及慈善足球賽   View detail
22/05/2014 玫瑰崗舊生會捐血週(2014年6月14日至6月22日)   View detail
29/03/2014 1989 Form 5 Graduates 25th Anniversary Reunion Party (Saturday, March 29, 2014)   View detail
18/03/2014 RHSOSA Announcement – New Executive Committee Members 舊生會消息 - 新一屆執委   View detail
11/03/2014 Music Gala: 訂票反應熱烈,欲免向隅,訂票從速   View detail
04/03/2014 誠邀各位出席玫瑰崗學校五十五週年開放日、音樂劇表演會 Invitation to RHSOSA's 55th Anniversary Open Day & Music Gala   View detail
23/02/2014 RHSOSA 2014 AGM Notice 玫瑰崗舊生會2014年週年大會通告 (23 Feb 2014 Sunday)   View detail
23/02/2014 玫瑰崗舊生會2014年週年大會暨尋寶遊戲、馬年盆菜宴 (23 Feb 2014)   View detail
30/01/2014 RHS 55th Anniversary Celebration Dinner 55周年校慶聚餐(加推7席 - 截止日期2014年1月30日)   View detail
12/01/2014 支持玫瑰崗舊生會義工隊, 參加 ACCA 公益關愛日 2014 (12 Jan 2014)   View detail
23/12/2013 「玫瑰崗歌詠團」獻唱聖誕樂曲 Rosarian Singers' Christmas Carols (24 Dec 2013)   View detail
03/12/2013 Go 1 Mile 金一哩跑 (3 Dec 2013)   View detail
21/11/2013 Invitation to Cross Country Competition 越野賽跑 - 公開組 (14 Dec 2013)   View detail
19/11/2013 RHS 55th Anniversary - Celebration Events   View detail
11/11/2013 RHSOSA Blood Donation Week 玫瑰崗舊生會 捐血週 (2013年11月25日 至 12月1日)   View detail
23/10/2013 [額滿] 招募義工 「麥當勞叔叔之家」之「愛心午餐」– 2013 年11 月24日   View detail
21/10/2013 招募義工「麥當勞叔叔之家」之「愛心午餐」– 2013 年11 月 24日   View detail
19/10/2013 Requiem Mass for Fr Lionel Xavier and deceased Rosarians   View detail
12/10/2013 十字繡製作班及新春探訪義工招募   View detail
11/10/2013 RHSOSA Charity Team 2013 Box of Hope Project - Appeal for Donations (11 Oct 2013)   View detail
05/10/2013 申請報讀玫瑰崗幼稚園2014-15年度入學的安排Arrangement for applying admission to Rosaryhill Kindergarten 2014/15   View detail
01/10/2013 申請報讀玫瑰崗學校(小學部)2014-15年度入學的安排 Arrangement for applying admission to Rosaryhill School Primary Section   View detail
31/07/2013 招募義工 —「麥當勞叔叔之家」二零一三年獎券義賣活動   View detail
02/07/2013 玫瑰崗學校「啟導同行」計劃 - 2013 / 14 導師招募 / RHS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM - Recruitment of Mentors 2013/14   View detail
08/05/2013 公開聲明   View detail
08/05/2013 Public Declaration   View detail
08/05/2013 玫瑰崗學校嚴正聲明 RHS' Official Statement   View detail
20/10/2012 2013-14 年度小學及幼稚園新生報名 Applications to RHS Primary Section and RHS Kindergarten on 2012-10-20   View detail
23/09/2012 徵求禮品送給護理安老中心之長者Appeal for sponsoring of gifts to Day Care Centre for the Elders   View detail
26/04/2012 Fr. Eladio Neira passed away on 25 April 2012   View detail
06/03/2012 Announcement : Newly Elected Executive Committee 通告: 新一屆當選執委   View detail
16/01/2012 謝天仁神父追思彌撒錄像 Memorial Mass for Fr Xavier Videos   View detail
21/10/2011 招募前歌詠團成員為謝天仁神父追思彌撒獻唱 Recruitment of choir members to sing in Fr Xavier's Memorial Mass   View detail
19/10/2011 Special Announcement: Our beloved Fr Lionel Xavier, Hon President for Life, passed away (1930–2011)   View detail
19/10/2011 Funeral and Memorial Mass for the passaway of our beloved Fr Lionel Xavier OP   View detail
19/10/2011 Biography of Fr. Lionel Xavier (1930 – 2011)   View detail
27/09/2011 Fr Xavier's latest conditions   View detail
12/09/2011 謝天仁神父最新錄影片段 Fr Xavier's latest video   View detail
06/10/2010 特別消息:Fr Francisco Mendoza榮歸天國 Special Announcement: The passaway of Fr Francisco Mendoza   View detail
24/03/2010 Fr Lionel Xavier's 80th Birthday Dinner Party 謝天仁神父八十歲壽辰晚宴   View detail
07/09/2009 Recruitment of Volunteers! 招募義工! (Reminder)   View detail
29/06/2009 Letter from Kelly Chan to Father Francisco Re Recent Drug Issue   View detail
29/06/2009 Retirement Party of Ms Margaret Chang/鄭金鳳老師榮休晚宴 09-07-10   View detail
28/06/2009 Mr. Damen Chan's Retirement Dinner Party/陳漢欽老師榮休晚宴 09-08-01   View detail
09/06/2009 Recent dangerous drug abuse incident in RHS   View detail
09/06/2009 玫瑰崗學校學生涉嫌在校內吸食軟性毒品事件   View detail
29/04/2009 RHSOSA Newsletter - Volume I 2009   View detail
06/04/2009 April 24, 2009 Academic Talk - Ms. Alice Lau: "What I learn & earn from Performing Arts."   View detail
05/04/2009 社際跳繩比賽 /Inter-House Rope Skipping Competition April 6th and 7th   View detail
26/01/2009 Pictures for the Golden Jubilee Gala Dinner are now ready!   View detail
15/06/2005 Announcement: Launch of RHSOSA Scholarship Program   View detail
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