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招募義工-慈善探訪麥當勞叔叔之家的患病兒童 Recruitment of Volunteers - Charity visit to Ronald McDonald House (Saturday, November 14, 2009)


「麥當勞叔叔之家」是一個讓患病的小朋友和他們的家人暫時居住的地方。經醫護人員轉介入住後,病童的家人便可以享用各種家居設施,有像住在家裏的感覺。從「麥當勞叔叔之家」步行往威爾斯親王醫院只需要四分鐘。家長可以日夜在醫院陪伴子女之餘,還可以回來照顧自己及其他家人的日常生活。 由於地方有限,所以參與的人數只限為十六人。




On 14th November 2009, RHSOSA organized a charity visit to the Ronald McDonald House.

Ronald McDonald House serves as a “home-away-from-home” for families with a seriously-ill child being treated at area hospitals, and provides support to organizations that serve the needs of children.

The Houses offer parents and family members a respite from hospital waiting rooms 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

The Houses are designed to bring the comforts of home to families far away from their own homes with a comfortable bed, a warm meal, kitchen and laundry facilities, and toys for the kids. Due to the limited space of the venue, we limited the maximum of participants to 16 only. On the material day all of the participants gathered together early in the morning with ingredients for their responsible dishes before they departed for Ronald McDonald House in Shatin. Everyone started to prepare their respective dishes as soon as they arrived since they were only given about 2 hours to prepare for the big lunch for over 50 people.

Although it was quite a big task to cook so many dishes under such a time constraint, with the help of each other, the group managed to produce over 10 different types of dishes as well as 4 types of desserts, which all received all praises for their professional quality and presentation.  A professional clown performance was also arranged after lunch for the residents there and everybody showed to be very pleased with the arrangement. Both the sick children and their families showed to be very grateful for our visit.

Our volunteers also indicated to have had an enjoyable and meaningful weekend and most of them said they looked forward to joining RHSOSA’s next charity activity too!

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