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為母校學生及舊生到中國鞍山作義工服務籌募經費及慈善足球賽 (Tuesday, July 8, 2014)


在2012年我校中學部的鄭融婷老師(Ms Mendy Cheng)帶領一班中學部的同學到遼寧省鞍山市的「鞍山助康會」進行義工服務,探訪傷殘或癱瘓兒童及家庭,並協助該會進行戶外活動,有關該探訪的詳情請到以下連結觀看https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NW_I57l87lc,而有關「鞍山助康會」的資料,請參閲 http://www.anshanbethesda.org


今年8月1日至6日,鄭老師將聯同與郭健基老師(Mr Jonathan Kwok)再一次率領一班同學及數位舊生探訪「鞍山助康會」。由於所到地方位置較為偏遠,所以所需交通費亦會比較昂貴,一行二十二人的義工隊現在仍在籌集所需之旅費,現呼籲各方校友捐款贊助這班熱心的義工們。










Dear alumni,

In 2012, Ms. Mendy Cheng of the Secondary Section led a team of secondary students of Rosaryhill School to visit Bethesda Rehabilitation Ministry (“BRM”) in Liaoning Province, China. The voluntary team visited a number of disabled people at their homes and took them out for various outdoor activities,details about their visit in 2012 can be found at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NW_I57l87lc and details about BRM can be found at http://www.anshanbethesda.org.

Between 1st and 6th August 2014, Ms. Cheng and Mr. Jonathan Kwok would lead a team of 16 volunteers including students and several graduates to revisit BRM. However, due to its remote location, the visit would incur high transportation costs, the above group of volunteers are still raising necessary funds for the above trip. We hereby ask for your generous sponsorship to support this group of volunteers.


Should you decide to sponsor this meaningful volunteer visit, please deposit your donations directly into Rosaryhill School's Hang Seng Bank account (A/C No. 024-218-1-003100), and email your name and image of the pay-in-slip or bank transfer instruction to activities@rhsosa.org. Upon receipt your email, we shall immediately notify our alma mater to issue you an official receipt for tax deduction.

Furthermore, to support the fund raising, a charity soccer match between RHS Team (formed by the school team and volunteer team) and OSA Team (represented by the Class of 1978) will be held at Hong Kong Football Club on 19 July 2014 (Sat) from 8 pm to 10 pm. Each OSA Team player will sponsor $1,000 and the OSA Team will donate an additional $1,000 for each goal scored by either teams. Alumni are welcome to attend the match and sponsor.


If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms. Mendy Cheng (96522561) or email to activities@rhsosa.org.


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